Friday 14 December 2018
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Why Environment Education is Important in Schools?

Why Environment Education is Important in Schools?

Nowadays when countries have started to implement change in their industrial policies so as to reduce the emissions and the release of toxic substances into the environment, each citizen of the country should be aware that keeping their surrounding clean is the utmost priority. This thought of keeping the environment clean cannot be forced on the citizens but should come from within. This interest of saving our surroundings from being destroyed cannot be built until it is taught from the root level. If the importance of environment is taught during basic school education then only we can instill a positive thought of keeping the environment clean. Until the teenagers are told about the importance of their surrounding and the resources that are available they will never get to know that why protecting the environment is a better option than reversing the changes and cleaning it.

Environmental education is able to connect to the world and teaches us about the importance of our natural resources like oxygen, water, natural occurring minerals and how efficiently we can use them. If this type of education is given during schooling years then it can raise awareness of issues that are severely impacting our environment and the children would already be aware of what all actions we should take to prevent it.

Benefits of Environment Education and Why it Should be Taught in Schools

Imagination and enthusiasm of children increases
Environment education unlocks creativity, it is an interactive learning process that gives a new vision to the imagination. When this type of education is included into the regular course of schools, students become enthusiastic and are more engaged in the process of learning, which increases student achievement in academics.

Learning transcends the classroom
Environmental education helps students to apply their learning in the real world. For example they would be able to realize that more use of fuels causes air pollution which would be harmful for their health if it is not controlled. Environment education helps students to understand the interconnection of economical, social, political, and cultural issues.

Creative and critical thinking is enhanced

Environment education develops curiosity among students to investigate and research about why and how the things are happening and make several decisions about environmental problems.  By enhancing their creativity and developing the critical thinking skills, this subject helps to build a generation of  consumers that are aware of the current environment situations, workers, and the decision makers.

Breaks the Indoor Habit of Students
Environmental education offers a cure to the digital life of the young generation which is totally involved indoors. Students which are involved in the play area and ground with diverse natural settings are physically more active, more aware of good nutrition and more civil to each other.

State and national learning standards are met for multiple subjects
By including the environmental education practices in the curriculum, teachers can combine science, maths, history, and language arts etc. into a single rich activity or lesson.

Healthy lifestyles are encouraged
Environmental education makes students active, and  capable of dealing with the health issues such as depression, attention deficit disorder and obesity. Good and organic farming is encouraged so that the food that we get is free from all the chemicals, which is a source many type of ailments and allergies in humans. Biophobia and nature deficit disorder decline exposing students to nature and allowing them to learn and play outside, it fosters sensitivity, appreciation, and respect for the environment.

A State of Responsibility

Environment education helps the learner understand how their decision regarding the environment can impact the surroundings around them. It also helps in developing  skills and adding knowledge to tackle complex environmental issues along with the ways that can be taken for sustainable and healthy environment.

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