Monday 6 July 2020
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5 Major Benefits Of Elearning

5 Major Benefits Of Elearning

There are two methods of learning. One is the traditional learning which happens in a classroom. The other is online learning or web-based learning which is eLearning. There are various eLearning apps like BYJU’S which provide an online course to students in primary classes as well as secondary classes example if a student from CBSE class 12 is looking for an online math course, BYJU’S offers – NCERT 12 maths course.

Quick lessons

Learning time reduced by eLearning when compared to traditional learning is 25 – 60%. Quick and easy access to course online. Study material for every learner is available.

  • Class starts and wraps quickly
  • As learners have different grasping power and speed they can set the pace and attend sessions accordingly
  • Since it is an online class, you need not waste time in traveling
  • If learners are not comfortable about any topic he/ she can skip to continue and cover it whenever he/ she wants to.

Low costs

Web-based learning is cost effective when compared to traditional learning. No travel costs, no accommodation costs, no classroom fees. Along with money, time is not wasted in traveling. Since you need not travel to a classroom or campus, there is no traveling stress. Also, no need to spend money on a hard copy of the course materials, therefore, reducing the cutting of trees to make papers.

Effective learning

Web-based learning or eLearning focuses on the individualized learning of learners. The courses conducted are in a very creative form. It includes 3D graphical images, videos etc. Knowledge retention rate is increased. Practice test and quiz assessments help you improve in the topics that you are weak in and boost your confidence.


You can attend online classes anytime as you have access to the internet 24*7. Also, you can train yourself from anywhere from home or while you are traveling etc. Learners get the freedom to learn at their own pace and convenience as each learner’s learning pace is different. You get to access the content unlimited number of times until you are perfect with the topic and revise. You can study on weekdays or weekends whenever you get free time as there is no hard and fast rule.

Environmental impact

A paperless way of learning. Due to online test and quiz, the hard copy of such material can be avoided and the assessment can be given virtually.

  • No noise and air pollution in the atmosphere as traveling is not required
  • Highly eco – friendly as there is no need for destroying trees to obtain paper

There are many learning Apps which help you with online courses like BYJU’S which is India’s largest education company and is the largest k-12 learning App in India. It includes Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry courses which also provides Biology course like – NCERT solutions for class 12 biology

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