Monday 6 July 2020
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Are You Fully Prepared to Make Your Next Step into a Management Role?

Are You Fully Prepared to Make Your Next Step into a Management Role?

After so many years of working in one specific role, it’s inevitable that many an employee will look toward moving up the ladder and applying for the next more prominent position. When that role is a managerial one, the jump, despite having worked at the same company for years on end, can be a significant one which not everyone is fully prepared for.

While you may know everything there is to know about the company that you work for and you believe your years of experience will stand you in good stead for a managerial role, rather than an outsider who is entirely new to the company, a managerial role brings with it a whole host of challenges and situations.

Take a Managerial Course and Qualifications Before Making the Move

Though much of what a manager does can’t be duplicated in a specific qualification, there are a number of roles whereby undertaking some of the more involved courses in business and management can significantly enhance your skills and knowledge when you move into management.

Update your skills base in any areas where you currently feel you lack experience and confidence with. This way, when you do take on the managerial role, you aren’t struggling with that feeling of not being good enough to cope with what is thrown at you!

Request to Shadow a Current Manage for a Greater Insight

If you can find a manager who you respect, look at the possibility of shadowing them – perhaps a couple of times over a few weeks. This way, you can experience yourself first-hand what a manager has to contend with as well as getting an idea of how to cope with such an increased workload and fuller schedule.

Stay the Consummate Professional at All Times

When you become a manager, consider the image you display. From the clothes you wear to the language you use and even the amount of time you refer to your mobile phone during work hours, you will be continually scrutinized by your peers.

Make sure they have no reason to call you out and give them a good role model who they will respect and admire in return.

Keep Yourself Updated as Much as You Can

A large part of a manager’s role is being able to stay ahead of the game and stay abreast of any industry updates and revisions, which he or she can then report back to their team. Redline believe that having the ability to remain continually updated and fully aware of your job responsibilities as a manager at all times is vital if you are to be successful in this role.

Never Forget Where You Came From

Finally, many an employee will tell you that those worst managers are the ones who seem to think that the work their team members do is beneath them. The most successful of managers will never be afraid to get stuck in but more importantly, show their team that they are willing to do the hard work just as much as they are.