Monday 6 July 2020
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Importance of SAS certification in IT Jobs

Importance of SAS certification in IT Jobs

Data plays a key role in the game of Analysis.

But what’s Data?

For a person out of the blue planet, data is a collection of raw facts and figures but when this data is linked correctly, processed right and analyzed effectively it turns out to be Information.

Undoubtedly, Data acts as the oxygen for any business’s survival and helps derive its growth and progression where it is made to store in various forms. Two of them are:

  • Relational Database
  • Non-Relational Database

Databases are data repositories to process the information which is then made to use via multiple software and applications.

Data Analysis, What is it?

There are four foundation stones of Analysis:  inspection, modeling, transforming, and cleansing. Data Analysis is all about combining these basic pillars to deliver semantic end results, providing useful insights in the form of real-time data.

With the massive increase in data, the IT industry looks upon various tools to accomplish the mind tremoring task of data handling. There are some general purpose languages, and some built-in tools available those are applied by various organizations in their internal workflows. Some of them are:

  1. R – language
  2. Tableau Public
  3. SAS
  4. Apache Spark
  5. Excel
  6. RapidMiner
  7. KNIME
  8. QlikView

The Robust Role of SAS in Data and its Management

SAS is a tool which is the third most widely used in Data Analysis industry. SAS leads the analytics as it delivers foremost innovative analytics, BI and data management software. This helps in turning data into better decisions.

SAS programming is a fourth-generation programming language designed for a specific purpose.

SAS easily sits you on Data Analyst throne. The high power of data analysts demands enormous responsibilities too. This is where the job of recruiters is filtered when one has the certification, the limelight is always on those candidates who have acquired skills and expertise.

SAS holds the silver medal in Data Analysis. It’s a way too demanding and money craving ornament for the enthusiasts.

The methodologies of statistical analysis system provide the ease to handle big lumpsum data. The brands tackle with gigabytes and terabytes of data to soothe the world. A tremendous amount of money is invested in SAS Analyzers.

SAS: From The Job Perspective

The blabbing companies pick this data to turn into their fortune. From this data, new ideas are formulated.

So what a recruiter looks into his applicant! Apart from a college degree, he must possess strong:

  • Analytics
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Statistics

Statistics is the backbone of SAS employees.

The reason why SAS is gaining popularity, fame, and the bold headline, for recruiters, is that it requires no hard level programming. The designated person must possess marvelous analytical skills along with logistics to resolve the issue. That’s it!

Benefits of SAS Certification

Everyday growing data is enhancing the value of the SAS Certification Training Course that enables individuals and professionals to expand the bracket of their knowledge and apply their learnings in practice.

SAS certificate piles up the whole stack against one applicant. Expertise in the same provides tones of advantages. You will be privileged to have full hands on the following:

  • The pretty well understanding of basic SAS programming
  • You can easily access various kinds of data viz.
  1. SAS
  2. Excel
  3. Text
  4. CSV
  • Exploration and preparation of data
  • Reporting on data and it’s analysis, then exporting them to usual formats as in

HTML or PDF or Excel

  • SAS programming in actual is a challenging task, but this walkthrough provides its applications with practical examples.

The certification also aids with data manipulation techniques, data wrangling with the usage of SAS Data steps. The phenomenon or procedures required to access, transform, and summarize the data needs to be taken care of to get the desired outputs.

To access data, one must know how to write DATA step code; this certification teaches you with most of the ease. To apply row and column operations, computing new columns, and conditionally process the data all is well prepared.

The learnings gained from the training will help you to understand the industry problems, with various available solutions. But every new solution is better for the previous one which leaves you at the doorstep to revolute the evolution of the same problem to its extreme limits.

“SAS certification gets you to think out of the box. The holder is no more a niche guy with cliche solutions.”

Role of SAS Certified Professional

SAS certification provides not only the affirmation of his job but also the confidence. Confidence in the sense that, at least he knows the data and how to take care of it. The digital badge on his resume highlights him or distinguishes him from the flock of sheep.

A SAS certified dignity has a relevance to the outside world.

  • He outperforms the SAS coding.
  • Collection of data is done by using various technologies or skills like data scraping which acts as another plus.
  • He is so much nourished that he can even discover the hidden patterns in data to draw new insight. All type of anomalies is corrected timely and efficiently to produce the fruitful analysis.

The additional perk of SAS Certification – Business Intelligence

The SAS certified individual not only handles the data analyst job roles but can also share his thoughts on business intelligence. He can apply his dexterity as a business analyst and handle the sensitive data documents, system requirements, configuration specifications and much more.

He certains and assures that the quality of the services or products remains intact.

Industry Requirement of SAS Certification

Most of the startups hire SAS certified as freshers at a nice par. Companies know that if a person has mastery in the same, then he will perform well at business analysis too.

Down below are the key expectations from a SAS expert:

  1. The certificate holder must solve unique and complex business problems with a broad impact
  2. Should be able to explain the highly complex concepts in simple ways to up in the hierarchy
  3. Must work comfortably in cross-functional or cross-segment teams.
  4. The professional should be able to collect data from trustworthy clients and fellow employees
  5. SAS expert should manage to create new, convenient and optimized solutions by modifying existing software applications and product
  6. Design, code, test, debug the problem and its solution
  7. Conduct or facilitate the root cause of depreciation or growth in product
  8. The responsible person must work efficiently with databases.

SAS certified applies his knowledge in the best interests of the company. The graphs of earnings grow exponentially. His expertise is way too relied upon by the CEOs.

Over to You

Breaking the skull, grey matter insists that a seeker of the job must develop such a personality, with mind-blowing skills above stated. This not only makes you one out of thousands but also a reasonable hike in salary resolves most of your issues.

Sounds interesting!

Well! Then be one. The drought has created a desert of right talent. So to meet the demand, of growing IT industry at such a steep slope, the Data Analysts with SAS certification are required in the surplus amount.

So grasp the certificate and kick a flying kick!