Monday 6 July 2020
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Tips on Preparing for an Overseas Job as a Fresh Graduate

While there are plenty of opportunities to work in Canada, more and more Canadian graduates now move to other regions around the world in pursuit of a career. The move isn’t caused by the lack of opportunities here, but rather the opportunity to experience other parts of the world while still pursuing a career.

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If you are graduating soon and you are considering working overseas as a viable option, there are additional preparations to make. These top tips on how to better prepare for an overseas job will help you get started right away.

Seek Experience

Don’t wait until you graduate to find job experience. There are plenty of part-time employment opportunities from which you can draw experience. You can also get involved in projects – commercial and social – to add highlights and achievements to your CV.

Thanks to the internet, finding opportunities to gain on-the-job experiences is easier than ever. The same can be said for finding projects that you can join or even handle. It is never too early to start with these activities too.

Learn New Language

Language and communication skills are invaluable when you are moving overseas, especially if the career path you have your sights on has the potential of taking you to managerial roles in the future. Similar to seeking experience, it is never too early to learn a new language.

You can use apps and learning software to get started with learning new languages like Mandarin and Arabic. There are short courses and online programs to help you master different languages too. To make it even better, many universities now have language programs for students.

Add More Skills

Next, you want to make sure that you have the skills required by potential employers. This takes a bit of research, but platforms like LinkedIn make figuring out the skills you need to excel at easier to do. You can review job postings and openings to learn more about how to be the best fit for different roles.

Some skills, however, are must-have skills regardless of the career path you want to pursue. Investing in the best leadership program Thailand has to offer allows you to prepare yourself for leadership jobs of the future. The program is renowned for its unique and effective approach.

Hunt Before Graduating

Companies actually prefer students who actively look for job opportunities before they graduate. It is a sign of responsibility and forward-thinking on your part, both of which are traits that are considered valuable.

Once again, the internet is your friend when it comes to finding jobs overseas. Update your LinkedIn profile, create a stellar CV, and show off your best skills whenever applying for a new job. This means creating a personalized resume and adding a compelling cover letter to each application.

These are simple tips to follow, but they are exactly the tips that will help you get a head start on your quest to become a professional overseas. You will have the best job opportunity seized by the time you graduate.