Wednesday 11 December 2019
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Tips That Will Help to Make an Effective Video Abstract

Tips That Will Help to Make an Effective Video Abstract

Videos are generally more reachable to a wider audience, as they tend to have more information and details than normal texts or pictorial representations. When coming to the education field, a textual book plays a key role in presenting the information to the students or professors and conveys all the theoretical concepts. Sarbojeet Jana, founder of video abstract sharing platform has stated that videos have a greater impact on learning than a book.

However, in this fast-paced world, the demand for video abstracts is increasing as they help students with more live content and present the so-called theoretical concepts that are generally learned through books into explanatory ways. Therefore, these videos can educate the students in more effective ways than normal books, and they can be sometimes used as an alternative for normal offline classes. But, it is also important to make an effective and attractive video content to reach more people. Here are some tips that can be used to make an effective video abstract.

Concentrate more on Visual Information

The most important factor that has to be provided by any video maker is to use more visual information than people coming to explain the scenarios can. It will be more engaging to the students, if the information that has to be communicated is presented in the form of animations or illustration while the vocal narrative of this information on the background is also there; this way the students can co-relate this narrative explanation with the visual representation that will help them to grasp more knowledge.

Start videos with strong notes

The starting few seconds or a few minutes of video abstract is as important as the remaining part of the descriptive video. These few minutes of introduction will decide on whether the viewer is interested to watch the complete video or is discouraged to leave the video. So, as Sarbojeet Jana stated, it is always the strong contents that make an impact on the learners. So, it is important to start the video in a more interesting way to keep the audience more engaged to the remaining part of the video.

Do not be too technical

Although, video abstracts are created to teach the educational concepts to students, being too technical while explaining the concepts may not go well with most of the video viewers. It is because the majority of the educational video viewers are here to know more about the concept in a clear and detailed way as they could not understand the concept in their class. So, it is important to use simple language while explaining the concepts along with using some common words that the students can easily grasp.

Use examples and comparisons

It is more obvious that when we cannot understand certain data if we compare it with any other similar process, it becomes much easier to understand. Therefore, when focusing on students to teach concepts, if the presenter uses more examples and comparisons that can explain the concept in a broader way will help students to learn more.

Choose the right narrator and Topic name

According to Sarbojeet Jana, it is important to keep the video engaging to provide a better learning experience. Therefore, choosing the right person with excellent narrative skills will make the video more engaging. In addition, a good topic name will make the video abstract become more visible in the streaming websites.

With these tips, it is clear how to make an effective video abstract that attracts more viewers and will help the video makers to make an engaging video to cater to the more general audience.